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This moodle is set up to be a website for Ms. Baker. It lets parents know what topics we are covering at the time and gives links to sites that allow practice of the skills we are covering.
This year long course encompasses vocabulary development and reading comprehension skills that will enable students to understand and disseminate materials presented in the general education curriculum.
This course will explore the uses of formal and informal assessment in the classroom.
Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA), is a student-based business organization that prepares students for the business world. We are an active student organization within our school, region, and state. Our FBLA chapter competes at the regional level at the Region 6 Leadership Conference, to give students the opportunity to advance to the state level in business-related competitive events. Students that place well at the regional level advance to the State Leadership Conference in the spring, with the possibility of advancing to the national level at the National Leadership Conference in the early summer. LHS members also attend various leadership workshops at the regional, state, and national levels. Pennsylvania FBLA is one of the fastest growing state chapters in the country. PA FBLA is the largest student organization in the state. The Littlestown Chapter is proud to add to that growing number. Our chapter is one of the largest student organizations in our school. This year, as a state, we have taken on the task of raising money for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. All of the members within our chapter of FBLA, especially the officer staff, are looking forward to a successful year with FBLA and traveling the road to our success.
This one-semester course will introduce students to a variety of new and emerging web-based programs and tools.
This course enables the student to develop financial knowledge and skills necessary to manage money, investments, and assets in their personal life. The course develops several basic concepts and skills such as career awareness, creating and managing a budget using financial software on a computer, record keeping, bank accounts, credit, and insurance. Other discussions and projects will include smart buying tips, purchasing a car and a home, personal investment opportunities, and taxes. Students will be assessed individually and in cooperative groups using tests, quizzes, projects, and simulations. Guest speakers will be used to enhance the learning experience.

This course will introduce students to publishing concepts through the development of business-related documents such as brochures, reports, posters, programs, flyers, pamphlets, logo graphics, and various other advertisements. This course builds on word processing skills and uses software and hardware permitting the manipulation of text and graphics. This course is designed to provide hands on experience using a desktop computer workstation with access to both color and laser printing capabilities. This course emphasizes editing, formatting, page layout and design, and techniques for clarity and impact. Students are also instructed on the use of a scanner and digital camera within this course.

This course will give students a thorough background in the basic accounting procedures used to operate a business. The complete accounting cycle will be presented, and may serve as a sound underpinning for employment in office jobs or preparation for further study in high school and college business courses. Students will gain an understanding of both service and merchandising business plans, and will become familiar with proprietorships and partnerships. Students will develop their critical thinking and decision making skills in relation to accounting concepts.
On-the-job training, or OJT, is a method of instruction that enables students to combine academic classroom instruction (school-based learning component) with occupational instruction through learning on the job (work-based learning component) in a career area of choice. Emphasis is placed on the students’ education and employability skills. We currently offer OJT to seniors who have taken Marketing I as a junior and are enrolling in Marketing II as a senior, or to senior business students enrolled in either Accounting or Business Law classes. Please see a business teacher for additional information or questions
Students will be required to develop and publish a personal web page.
Business Presentations introduces students to the latest technologies to make their presentations stand out and their message heard.
This course will focus students on becoming faster and more accurate typists, as well as introducing more advanced word processing features. Students will learn to type letters, announcements, memos, attractively format reports, outlines, and tables. Word processing techniques and features are addressed along with basic computer concepts using Microsoft Word. Through these activities, students should expect to hone their keyboarding and time management skills, and develop a good work habits and ethic.

This course will expand upon the concepts gained from Computer I. Using the C++ programming language, students will learn how to implement programming strategies and techniques to create programs.

This course will introduce students to the world of computer programming. Using the Python programming language, students will learn how to design and write code for a basic programming language.
Global Studies Independent Study - A gathering place for GS students who are moving beyond class curriculum.
Mrs. Hopper's Contemporary Issues Course.
This course will require an activity log as section I, but written work will be geared toward more individual rather than team sports
Advanced fitness is a course designed to teach various aspects of physical education and fitness.
The student will be covering 10 topics within the Health 11 course. Coursework will be submitted prior to taking each test. The coursework will include Emotional Health, Substance abuse, Human Sexuality, Sexually transmitted infections and Health choices and behaviors.
The student will be covering 4 topics within the 10th grade health curriculum, including First Aide, Skeletal & Muscular Systems, Fitness and Nutrition and also Cancer. Coursework will be submitted prior to each unit test
Driver's Education is a 9 week course intended to teach the student to make safe driving decisions and to prepare them to take the test for their permit test.
This course is designed to teach health and fitness related concepts. Every student will be expected to complete the following activities as part of their advanced fitness requirements

Mr. Peglow's Communication Arts Classes (Lightning team).  

Mr. Peglow's Communication Arts Class (7th grade Lightning team).  

Cabinet Meetings

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This resource is for teachers using Promethean products such as ActivBoard, ActivSlate, ActiVotes and the software ActivInspire.
This is an online, introductory course for LASD teachers planning to use a Moodle as an instructional tool to supplement classroom activities. Teachers who complete this course will also be able to develop an online course for students.
This course is for teachers who have completed the Moodle for Teachers Level I course or those teachers that have a basic understanding of Moodle and have at least one Moodle course in our LASD Moodle system.